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      I will NOT take my car anywhere else. These wonderful people feel like family. They have taken care of me and my vehicles for the last 15 years. It doesn't matter if it was my fault or someone else's, they always hand my vehicle back to me in almost better than new condition. They put out the extra effort to do quality work. Thank you Shotwell!

    thumb Maureen E.

      Great job! My car is 8 years old. The interior and exterior look new. The customer service is great too.

    thumb Nolo C.

      Working with Shotwell Auto Body was truly an enjoyable experience.  I would 100% highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality work.  The staff was very courteous, supportive and communicative in working with me not only as a first-time customer but also as one of those unfortunately high maintenance individuals who had never been in an accident before and had a lot of questions.  They were really positive and patient with me, outlining the process, how long it would take for the vehicle to get back, when they would talk with the insurance company, etc. They always kept a positive attitude, which is definitely appreciated when you're dealing with everything else.  Additionally, they put up with my inflexible insurance agency, which was causing a delay in getting the necessary parts from the vendor to the shop so the vehicle could be fixed.  Even though it was the insurance company's fault, Shotwell put me up with a rental car via a local rental shop, with me only having to pay for the insurance coverage on the rental each day (optional, but since I'd just been in an accident it seemed to make sense).  They definitely did not have to put themselves out there for me like that, but I work 5:00am shifts and they were very understanding of my need to have a vehicle to get to work (maybe one day Sonoma and Marin county transit will have the option to bus to work that early, but currently no dice).  They had also provided a local ride to my home when I had initially dropped the car off.  Last, the work done was really fantastic, and they provide a lifetime warranty.   It's like I was getting a brand new vehicle, inside and out!

    Conclusion: customer satisfaction is at a premium at this shop, and their staff is really a joy to work with.  I wish more businesses ran like theirs did!  Let's just say that this is the first time I have ever hugged someone for providing quality work before...and I hugged their shop owner/manager twice.

    thumb Gwen B.
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