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      My 2014 civic got sideswiped in a parking lot.  Charlene gave me an estimate and helped coordinate everything which was super helpful. When I picked up the car I almost didn't recognize it because they had also buffed out and fixed some other minor dings. The car was also detailed and so it felt like it was new!  I am so happy with their work and highly recommend them!

    thumb Kevin G.

      Best Auto body shop in town, no questions asked. The staff is very friendly and has the best interests in every client that walks in! I recently got my car from Carvanna and had it arrived with some paint cracks in the back bumper. Shotwells came in and took care of my car with ease and peace of mind! Thank you guys for great service! Highly recommend!!

    thumb R K.

      Got into an annoying fender bender and needed a local body shop to fix my bumper. I can't say enough great things about this place! Customer service (Lisa) was amazing. They handle dealing with insurance, car rental, etc. so process is easy and smooth. They even washed my car so it was like brand new when I picked it up!!

    thumb Hilary R.

      Took my car in for some pretty bad bumper damage.  My insurance carrier told me it should take 4 days to repair; Shotwell had it done in 2 days, used all OEM parts, and the work is flawless.  They guarantee all work and were very nice, communicative, and professional.  Will definitely go back for any any other body work.

    thumb Jason M.

      I took my CRV to have a broken mirror fixed.  I thought it may need to be painted but they attached the broken one with salvaged parts.  Instead of paying Gullicks $270, they charged me $50 AND gave me a ride home after dropping it off.

    thumb Michael F.

      Just so good it's stupid, these guys are stupid good.  My wife wrecked her car twice in a week, yeah don't say a word or I will jump through this here computer.  Anyhow, she wrecked the front drivers side with bumper and inside stuff was damaged as well, plus for an encore she wrecked passenger side door a week later,  I was thinking maybe I should put off fixing it so she can wreck the back end and they can just do the entire car, but I went ahead and had shotwells fix it.

    Well we were originally at another body shop who blew it, I wont mention names but a chain that is more of a meat grinder for ins companies then an auto body shop.  They blew it on customer service, so I had to switch in the middle of the process (no fun) to another company.  I did not choose other company, my ins company choose them, but shotwells is also preferred with AAA ins, so the switch was painless.

    I cannot say enough about the staff and quality of the work.  And they gave me 3 days estimate on both jobs, so I thought it was 6 days total, but they were done in 3!  Man, the wife's car looks so new I'm actually glad she wrecked it.  They went above the call of duty and did many items above estimate, I couldn't believe all the things that were fixed, and the car was detailed, and they fixed the headlights that were a mess.  Man I am a shotwells customer for life, if your car is messed up or you want work, don't choose the other place, this is the place you want to go.  Their 5 star rating is absolutely not surprising at all.  Thanks again Shotwells, MB

    thumb Austal L.

      This place is AWESOME and let me tell you why.
    Here's the backstory: I wasn't even at Shotwells I was next door at Jay and Bill's shop this morning for a tire rotation and flat fix and in the afternoon and I noticed a yellow scratch on my left rear fender.
    I don't drive this car much so the scratch was a mystery but I called over to Jay and Bill's just to see if they saw anything. Doubtlessly, it was me who wasn't paying attention and bumped into something throughout the day or someone else bumped it. Well let me tell YOU, Jay and Bills were immensely accommodating and professional. They asked me to return to the shop right away so we could look it over. We still couldn't figure out the mystery scratch but they arranged for Shotwell's Auto Body next door to buff out the scratch within minutes FREE OF CHARGE. This kind of hometown service is what I love about both Shotwells AND Jay & Bill's and this is why I will always return to them. They were extremely responsive and took care of it even though they didn't have to. Thank you tremendously Shotwells and Jay & Bill's for your professional and hospitable service! I will return and tell my friends and family to as well. Many thanks for being so kind and gracious!

    thumb Alison T.

      Shotwell's recently repaired the front bumper and replaced the headlights on my Toyota.  I cannot say enough good things about the experience.  The staff was wonderful, and the body work looks great!  Kudos to Charlene and the Shotwell team!

    thumb Heather H.

      I have had multiple cars fixed and the staff is so caring and they always fix it super quick within a couple of days. They always make you feel cared about and important no matter how small the job. I would never take my car anywhere else. I live in Santa Rosa and I always make the trip there. I have tried different auto bodies in the past and none measure up. Shotwell fixes cars the correct way they don't just bondo things together to do the job cheap. They are reputable and honest. I recommend them to everyone I know.

    thumb Michelle C.
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