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      These people are awesome!  Took my car in after being rear-ended.  They helped fight the insurance company (Progressive, STAY AWAY) when they wanted to put a used GPS in my 60K vehicle.  We won.  🙂  The car looks fantastic and I can't say enought nice things about Charlene and Debbie.  They took care of my rental, getting my issues resolved and were kind and patient with all of my questions.  I could not give them a higher recommendation!!!

    thumb T L.

      Back in September, my mother bought me a car detailing from Shotwell's for my birthday.  
    Let me start by saying, if there was ever a car that was beyond hope, it was mine.  Years of abuse, children, camping, etc had left the interior of my car in a horrible, horrible state.  We're talking ground in, unrecognizable crap in every crevice and inch of carpet.  The kind where you are embarrassed to even take it in to be detailed.  
    Well, I sucked it up, and headed into Shotwell's.  I was met by the delightful Charlene, who briefed me on what to expect and  told me when to come back.  Upon return, I was greeted with what appeared to be a new car.  No way was this my disgusting vehicle I left there that morning.  I cannot even explain how good of a job they did.  Truly incredible.  And on top of the amazing job they did, every person I meet was super nice.  This is the kind of place I am proud to have in my town.
    Thank you Shotwell Auto Body!

    thumb Sara C.

      I will NOT take my car anywhere else. These wonderful people feel like family. They have taken care of me and my vehicles for the last 15 years. It doesn't matter if it was my fault or someone else's, they always hand my vehicle back to me in almost better than new condition. They put out the extra effort to do quality work. Thank you Shotwell!

    thumb Maureen E.
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